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In the 1930’s a group of government programs and policies were established under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, they were created with the intention to help the American people during The Great Depression. The Great Depression was a time were many banks failed, many businesses and factories went bankrupt, and millions of Americans are out of work, homeless, and hungry. Most New Deal programs gave American citizens economic relief, chances for employment and helped for the general good. The New Deal’s intention was to help Americans during these troubling times filled with economic uncertainty, and in that aspect, it was a success. After the New Deal was implemented, unemployment rates were gradually lowered. In document E we were shown…show more content…
It gave the working class much needed support by giving them more rights than they had before (Doc C). A lot was done to keep the working class from falling into poverty and now was the time when the working men had more rights than ever before. The country’s CPI went up, meaning that Americans were able to buy more. CPI can be used as an economic indicator, it can measure inflation and can be used as an indicator of how good the government policy is. Furthermore, since the CPI went up that meant that the implementation of the New Deal and FDR’s government policy was much improved from their predecessors (Visual 1.3). Many of the programs and acts improved the quality of life for Americans. The CCC, for example, planted trees to combat soil erosion and maintain national forests; eliminating stream pollution; creating fish, game and bird sanctuaries; and conserving coal, petroleum, shale, gas, sodium and helium deposits. Many of the other programs, such as the PWA and WPA, helped better America. They helped improve the American infrastructure by up keeping and making highways, rivers, dams, and harbors. The TVA specifically helped to control floods in the Tennessee Valley area by building dams (Relief, Recovery, and Reform worksheet). The SSA made it so that American citizens realized that they had social rights and made those right more clear-cut for them and made sure all citizens had enough to have all…show more content…
During President Roosevelt’s term (1933-1945) we could see definite examples of growth in government and economy. A lot of this growth is due to the creation and implementation of the New Deal. We can’t say that the New Deal didn’t do well for America and its citizens, it was a success in restoring public confidence and creating new programs that brought relief to millions of Americans. It offered short-term relief and long-term structural reform and increased the role of the government in American society, creating for the first time a government committed to providing individual citizens with a measure of security against the unpredictable turns of the

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