The Pros And Cons Of The Pennsylvania System Vs Auburn System

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Ashley Acea Acea1 Professor Ruggiero CJL 3512 June 3, 2015 Pennsylvania v. Auburn System The Pennsylvania system and the auburn system were the foundation to the prison system we currently have in our criminal justice system. Many of the prions that were around during the 19th century were built off of the Pennsylvania or auburn systems. Both of these systems throughout the years have had many critics that have pointed out their flaws and imperfections; but at the same time they have shown all the things that they have done correctly as well, and those are the elements we still use in todays correctional faculties. In this essay I will take you through the pros and cons of each of these systems, along with each systems rich history and the reasons why I feel that the auburn system was the superior prison…show more content…
The Pennsylvania system was brought about in Philadelphia and was created by a group of Quakers who were against the torture that was being executed onto public prisoners in 1787. One of the notable members of this group of Quakers was Benjamin Franklin. Under his guidance Benjamin Franklin led the Quakers to replace capital and corporal punishment with the idea of incarceration. (Clear 2013) The Quakers took and existing jail in Philadelphia known as the Walnut Street Jail and improved upon it to turn it into a Penitentiary House. This was where they kept the worst offenders, but because of the large number of prisoners. Philadelphia was in desperate need for more facilities like Acea2 this one; and they got exactly that with the Eastern state Penitentiary and the Western state Penitentiary in 1829. The Eastern State Penitentiary was located in Philadelphia and the Western State Penitentiary was located in Pittsburgh. These two prisons began the true era of prison-based confinement. The Eastern state Penitentiary was known to be the more brutal
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