The Pros And Cons Of The Penny In The United States

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Don’t you hate when your taxes go to making useless pennies or when they take up space in a mess. Even though people think pennies are helpful they are not because they cost 2.41 to make just one. For years the Unites States have been discussing if we should get rid of the penny. Pennies shouldn’t be made in the United States.
Source 1 states, other countries have got rid of the penny and were successful. If other countries have done it why haven’t we done it yet.( Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Brazil, Finland, Britain) United States should try and get rid of the penny for good. Each day we keep the penny we waste more money. Source 1 states, “a copper coin costs 2.41 to make but only worth $.01 cent”. If the penny costs more than 2 times
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