Elections Pros And Cons Essay

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The elections are just are around the corner for our country. This is evident by the plethora of campaign advertisements, election polls, and news that we get bombarded with each day. This upcoming election, however, is in more ways than one, interesting. Presidential candidates are at a record-high with 130 presidential hopefuls (Esmaquel II), a strong-willed mayor who has been quite indecisive about his candidacy finally decided to run, and of course, the multiple disqualification cases filed against a presidential candidate.

The disqualification cases that have been filed against the candidate are of different reasons, one being the reason that she is not qualified to run for office because she has not lived for at least ten years in
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They argue that just because they are foundlings doesn’t mean they are incapable of serving the country. The problem is, the issue here is not about the candidate’s origin as a foundling but the fact that she renounced her Filipino citizenship to receive another nation’s citizenship. To reacquire her citizenship, she did something which contradicts the very definition of a natural-born Filipino that is represented in our constitution. Also, if she really wanted to serve the country, then why did she only run just now? In her stay in the United States, she had no experience whatsoever regarding governance, she worked there as a teacher. Clearly, she used her popularity, or rather, her father’s popularity to win the vote of the people. It is evident in her campaign advertisements that she is merely riding on the fame of her deceased father. She is appealing to the emotion of The Filipino masses, pathos as they call it. She knew very well that Filipinos are easily swayed by the recent death of famous family members. Filipino history proves this: Cory Aquino running for president because Ninoy died, Noynoy Aquino running because Cory died, Lennie Robredo running because his husband died, and of course this candidate who ran for senator and now vying for president because his father died. Others may call this argument below the belt, but this is the reality of our government
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