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The prison situation in the US is influenced by the raw form of punishment and that criminals who are sent to prison are not seen as curable. The prison system is a private factor driven by profit and is in no shape or form a way of rehabilitating the prisoners. Today penitentiaries are a very costly process that has a chance of both being less expensive and helping the criminals to a better life. It’s all based on one idea already being implemented in other parts of the world, the idea to rehabilitate the criminals rather than only punishing them.

By bringing prison programmes into existence would make substantial differences to both the prisons and the ones who are in custody. A violence project by James Gilligan and Bandy Lee from Oxford university shows that inmates who spent their time participating in a prison programme in a period of eight weeks instead of normal custody had a 46% less risk of rearrest for violent crimes. (Gilligan, James. Lee, Bandy. “The Resolve to Stop the Violence Project: reducing violence in the community through a jail-based
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Focusing on punishing criminals is too important today and with businesses earning millions of dollars on it, there’s no one that is there to stop it. The government debts are rising higher for every day that passes and prisoners keep falling into the cracks that are called the prison system, either spending their life in enclosure or are unsuccessful in resocializing. What is seen today is a loss for everybody, the prisoner’s life, the government’s money and yet it’s still in existence. Making a prison reform is not easy, neither is the process of changing the society’s view on criminals but it’s a process that must go through. The government, the society and even the private businesses that govern the prisons need to rather than imprisoning begin

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