The Pro-Black Movement

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Now before I even start to address my topic I want to explain what the pro-black movement is. It is the movement that stands for the advancement and success of all black people, regardless of their age, nationality, gender and sexual orientation. Pro-black movements are a beacon of light that lights the pathway for a positive way forward for black people. I want you to close your eyes Imagine a house. Okay, Imagine a house. Everything that exists in that house is considered pro-black, there is a room for NAACP, there is a room for the Black Lives Matter Movement, a room for and sadly there is a pyrite packed room for something called the Hotep Movement. That raises an important question what is a hotep? I want to show you what they are…show more content…
However, they counteract this good by increasing sectionalism with pro-black movements. Hoteps often times call pro-black movements in America lazy for focusing first on combating oppression. But this is a remark often time used by racist white people to say “my oppression of you is not the issue, you are”. Ignoring how oppression affects black people’s ability to move forward in society. Police brutality, housing discrimination and the criminalization of black men and women all affect their ability to succeed and advance. These issues need to be addressed first so that the black community can flourish without the inhibition of outside…show more content…
To put it simply it an all-inclusive movement that stands for the inclusion of black people and exercises the pro-black agenda in a way that they see fit. I want to restate this because this is very important not every pro-black movement has acted in the same way. The National Black Justice Coalition makes HIV/AIDS work centers and opens up job opportunities for black LGBT youth. While the Innocence Project works to free wrongfully convicted African Americans. With very different approaches both movements able to aid black people without excluding some or spreading false information. Something the hotep movement is incapable of doing. I am not completely writing off the Hotep movement, who probably have some people that earnestly want Black people to achieve more. I just want people to acknowledge movement that is for them. Should really be for them. You cannot care about black people without really caring for black
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