The Pros And Cons Of The Republican And Democratic Party

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Until now America still has a two-party system which are the Republican and Democratic parties. Both parties must have their own supporters. Like the Republican Party that mostly supported by among white people and democrats tend to be supported by blacks. Democratic Party position itself is based on the principles of liberalism, while the Republican position itself to be conservative. Of course the party itself must have certain roles and functions within the political system of the United States. To achieve the goals of each party, they have a different party program or platform. Here are several programs of the Democrat and Republican Party that I think is good. The first program of the Democratic Party is putting Americans back to work,…show more content…
On this program, Democratic Party want rules and regulation are made to be more simple and flexible, rules must be made in accordance with the will of the people and the people's choice. Its main purpose is to protect the health and welfare of the citizen, boost economic growth and job creation. To achieve these objectives then government made regulation that is effective, simple and smart with the aim of protecting public. The government will be more transparent in financial terms used and programs that will be executed as well as eliminating unnecessary rules. With this change can facilitate the public to follow the rules made by government. Government will take the risk of any regulation applied but there are still the responsibility of the cone overlap so that makes this programs complicated. One of the things that United State proud of is their military capabilities that unmatched. Democratic Party is well understand the role of each element in the American military ranging from marine, soldier, pilot, navy and lifeguard who have devoted themselves to the state. Attempts to always supplement and improve weapons or equipment within the military as well as care for troops and their families to keep them safe and secure. It takes a lot of funds to train soldiers and ensure that they are to be ready in a variety of missions they have to…show more content…
Efforts that able to do is to reduce the world's nuclear stockpile and change nuclear into energy that makes beneficial to society. The program from Republican Party is called Nuclear Forces and Missile Defense Imperiled aims to protect the safety of American citizens from terrorist and nuclear attacks. This is a terrible case of nuclear war because the nuclear defense in America is weak. Government must always be wary of competing countries such as Russia and China that have a great nuclear power. Not only from that country, threats and other dangers possible attack also come from other places such as Iran and North Korea that are currently developing a nuclear
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