The Pros And Cons Of The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic was somewhat meeting the common good. The reason why the Roman Republic was not meeting the common good was because it did not treat everyone fairly that made people in rome feel sad. The Roman Republic did not meet the common good from education,citizenship,services,laws,and trade this made them for not meeting the common good. In democracy it is important the they meet everyone 's needs. Providing public services Grade: B- When it came to providing public services the Roman Republic earn an B-. The reason it earn an B- is because romans would kill each other. They also had a lot of bloody sports. In Rome the roman roads were built for the soldiers so they could march quickly from place to place. But sometimes soldiers would often worked on the roads when they are not fighting. In rome the aqueducts were built only to carry the flow of water in areas where digging burrowing or surface grades presented problems such as valleys. Protect rights Grade: B When it came to protect rights the Roman Republic earn an B. The reason it earn an B because in rome all the people had either no citizenship, limited citizenship,or full citizenship. If you had full citizenship one of your…show more content…
The reason it earn an A because the soldiers were protected with their gear that help them with wars and other stuff. The legions were the basic unit of the roman army. Each legion had from 4,500 to 5,000 heavily armed soldiers. A maniple was a unit of between 60 to 160 soldiers. Roman soldiers were builders as well as fighters. A roman soldier would carry a shield,short sword,and a spear. Rome gained power with the help of its allies. The treaties required allies to send troops to fight alongside the romans in their campaigns.The roman army was made up of 30 legions or over 150,000
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