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Should SAT scores play a bigger part than high school GPA in admission to a college?
Since the early 1900s, the SAT test has been administered each year to high school students in the United States of America (College board 1). The SAT is a standardized test based on a students’ proficiency in math, reading and writing. In recent years questions has been raised about whether or not the SAT test can be used to measure any high school students’ skills. It have been argued that colleges should not use a simple four-hour test determine someone’s intelligence or future success in college over his/her high school curriculum. Many citizens along with colleges and universities across the United States has taken their sides in this debate.
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Preparation for the SAT are often said to be the best way to get a high score, but it consists of a student studying on their own and paying four- hundred dollars an hour for tutoring that starts in the seventh grade (Rimer 1). Some parents do not have the money to get a decent tutor for their children. Teenagers who have the money to afford a tutor have better chance of getting a higher score than teenagers who are less fortunate. Teenagers of public education are often limited to resources for the SAT test preparation. The SAT test consist of unrealistic reading questions and complex math problems.
The short essays are uninteresting and most of the time vague. Each section in the test has a time limit, therefore a student has limited time to comprehend what they read and answer the questions that follow.
As a student one can only imagine spending all four years in high school trying to get a good GPA and then having to take the SAT as a junior or senior. It becomes frustrating when one has to wait two months for the results, just to receive average scores that are not good enough to get into a college of choice. Students with bad SAT scores are limited to
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