The Pros And Cons Of The Schlieffen Plan

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Genavieve Rohling
Pickle World History
March 16, 2017
The Schlieffen Plan The Two Front War was not supposed to happen. The Schlieffen Plan was supposed to create a “controlled” war against France and Russia, but it turned out to be something completely different than they thought. Schlieffen made a plan to invade France by going through Belgium and the Netherlands but by violating Belgian neutrality and going through Belgium might bring Britain into the war. So they would now not be able to travel through Belgium to get to France anymore yet they may still take this course of action. After they were done fighting against France they would move out and try to start a war with Russia but there was no plan to fight against them. But, this plan never took place because of a different leader named Moltke that changed his plan and made a new one. One where they would not have to invade the Netherlands after all, so they could use them as a supply quarters. Moltke had different worries than Schlieffen did and that is one other reason they had to use the Netherlands because Moltke had a greater thought about the east defense of Prussia and Schlieffen had barely thought of this in his plan, where as Moltke felt that they had to be more equipped and supplied for. Luckily, Moltke had more men than Schlieffen did. But the Schlieffen plan did still fail, which was the cause of the Two Front War. In the Two Front War Germany was well equipped to fight against whoever, but the Plan
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