The Pros And Cons Of The Sedition Act

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Today you can voice your opinion and write what you believe. However there once was a law in place that went against that freedom. It was called the Sedition Act, it went against the first amendment of the United States constitution, and it turned the political parties against each other. It caused many people to become angry because their freedom to talk and express their opinion had be taken away. The reason I request for its repel is because it was a violation of the first amendment, turned political parties against each other, and because the only reason the Sedition Act was made was because of the president’s wife.
First of all the sedition act was a direct violation of the first amendment. Many newspapers wrote about what they thought and would get arrested for that. In the Sedition Act it states, “false, scandalous and malicious writing or writings against the government of the United States, or either house of the congress of the United States, or President of the United States,” (Adams 1798) this isn’t fair. The first amendment was made to protect you right of the
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But really the only reason the Sedition Act went through was because of Abigail Adams. She wrote many compliments like, “I wish our legislature would set the example and make a sedition act,” (Adams 1788-1801). She thought it would help the government, and protect them from harsh comments. In the long run it just made things worse and more chaotic. She also wrote, “to punish the stirrup of sedition, the writer and printer of base and unfounded calumny. This would contribute as much to the peace and harmony of our country,” (Adams 1788-1801). She may just seem like she wants to help the country, but she is really breaking the first amendment. She caused a lot of trouble in getting the Sedition Act passed and it really didn’t improve anything in the country. All it did was put innocent people in
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