The Pros And Cons Of The South During The Civil War

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During this time period there was many writers writing both for and against the South. A major person in history, Thomas Jefferson, would write against the North and for the South. That is only one of many example from back then, but at this time some of the greatest critics of the South were from the South. Some people believe the South has such a long memory on the civil war because they lost, and even though some people in the current South want many of their peers to just forget about that time in history, many will not give it up. Both the North and South were about the same size, spoke the same language, had common celebrations, used basically the same religion, same political tendencies, belief in individual liberties and rights,…show more content…
This change means we might see a time when this “Southern burden” is lifted off the shoulders of the South if we could forget the civil war. So far though we haven’t been able to let the Civil War go. The South’s economy also has a lot to do with its burdens. The fact that they were a slave economy is a major reason they have all these burdens. The South’s agriculture ability was dying out though, the soil was being eroded and wasted. This meant the slave system some time would have to end, but at the time, slavery was booming. These slaveholding planters were raging capitalist, they knew how to get rich through slavery. The cotton boom in the South seemed limitless around 1820, it is comparable now to oil today. Cotton production doubled every decade for four decades and was America’s largest export. The South was the world’s largest exporter of cotton, supplying much of the textile industry. This allowed people to become wealthy after what seemed like a day. About a third of the people in the South had some sort of slave ownership, this meant that much of the south was poor and sometimes didn’t even own
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