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In the past, lots of people have been mistreated for reasoning they can not control. One of these types of people is disabled people, primarily mentally disabled people. In past years people with mental disabilities were sometimes even seen as demons. This is common because of some beliefs, however closer to present day people with disabilities are left out. This is why Eunice Shriver 's started the Special Olympics. Eunice started the Special Olympics in her own backyard. to let people with these disabilities feel more accepted. I know this because on the special Olympics website it says, “She held a summer day camp for young people with intellectual disabilities in her own backyard.” What I am writing my essay about. About kids with these…show more content…
Over time the organization has gain over 5 million participants and even more supporters. and the number of athletes with intellectual disabilities and Unified Sports teammates reaches 5.3 million. This is very good news for the organization as a whole and again for the awareness but that does not mean everything is solved for this issue, it is just improvement. We are still dealing with people not understanding why mental illnesses are so bad congress even states, “Congress didn 't want to "waste" federal money on mental illness”. This was shocking to me because of how bad the conditions are with people with disabilities. According to the USAToday it states that people with mental disabilities are not even getting the simplest care and is causing some to even die stating, "We have a wasteland of people who have died and been disabled because of inadequate care." this surprised me because it was more than just a social issue it was an issue that was taking the lives of people for no reason, just because they didn 't feel they were important compared to the people who were suffering from cancer when the results of both diseases can be fatal. That is why we need to start taking action. To start taking action people could do multiple things starting even before the child is born. One major way we could prevent this from being a growing issue is by preventing people with disabilities from being born. According to…show more content…
Wheather its suicide rates or kids with down syndrome or other problems, this is a big problem that we need to fix. People are not being treated equally being seen as almost a burdon to the public when they are suffering from an

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