The Pros And Cons Of The United States Prison System

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What are your thoughts about the prison system? Today 's prisons are so bad that prisons in the United States hold 5 percent of the US population. Many people get sent to jail cause of the 3 law strike because a lot of minorities are caught with drugs. Plus the government is wasting 75 billion dollars on these facilities instead of using the money in a better way like making programs for the prisoners that need help with mental health or other stuff. The first step is for a better State and Federal Representation in the Government. The United States prison population changed after President Richard Nixon declared war on drugs in the 1970’s. The United States prisons around the whole country are overcrowded due to the War on Drugs and the 3x law. Many prisoners have been arrested for drug …show more content…

The United States Government spends a lot of money($75 billion) on locking people up and helping big businesses than helping prisoners. Many prisoners probably spend hours, days, or probably months in solitary confinement. Once they get out of solitary confinement the prisoners behavior changes like they won’t talk to no one and they just rather be by themselves cause they can’t be around big groups of people cause that 's what solitary confinement does to the mind of people.Haney’s research has shown “that many prisoners in supermax units experience extremely high levels of anxiety and other negative emotions. When released--often without any "decompression" period in lower-security facilities--they have few of the social or occupational skills necessary to succeed in the outside world”. Rehabilitation programs can help prisoners with this disorder and help them out by them getting back their socializing skills back so they can succeed in the outside world. Also programs are a way better way to help prisoners that wanna change their lives for good, so they don 't keep coming back to

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