The Pros And Cons Of The Universe

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The Universe has always been a mystery. Perhaps it is so mysterious; it takes most people interest, scientifically or fictionally. The universe and all the happening is a mystery itself, surrounded by many conspiracy theories and speculations. Based on the book “Conspiracy Theories”, about half of the conspiracies exist today are about the universe; the famous one includes: The Roswell Incident, Area 51, and 1969’s controversial moon landing. The universe is so big, continues research is being undergone in order to uncover more about it: the galaxy, the space, other planets, stars, the black hole, and the most famous one: if another form of life exist. In other word, the aliens. The search of life in another planet has been going on for years, it is the most controversial and interesting subject today. It garners people interest, especially with the development of many institutes regarding the controversial aliens, such as: the UFO Institute and many other institutes focusing on this…show more content…
However, we also need to consider organism ability in adapting to extreme environment. Earth, as we all studied, used to be an extreme environment and it continued even after the first existence of life millions years ago. In accordance with Darwin Theory of Evolution, organism is not only effected by its genetic but also environment. Organism continues to develop itself in order to survive their environment. The traits of living things mentioned above are based on Earth’s perspective. It is possible, life outside Earth may alter the characteristics. They may not need water, since it is hard to obtain, or they may not be affected by most factors listed above. They may have adapted and create an evolution in order to survive and their traits could be completely different. Water may not be their primary need substance, it can also came in form of ammonia liquid or other
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