Argumentative Essay: Equal Work For Equal Pay For Women

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Equal work for equal pay has being the slogan for many equality marches around the world. Meanwhile some denounce that there is even a wage gap at all. “Women make 78 cents for every dollar a man makes,” is the most commonly heard statistic whenever the topic of the wage gap arises. While this statistic is factually correct, there is also a lot that is not being said. This only compares the medium wages for men and women that work full time. It does not list how the wage gap plays out for woman with different educational levels, their age, or their respective fields and this information is important to properly evaluate and ultimately start to close the wage gap. In my research ,I have found to be a number of factors on why there is a wage…show more content…
There are some that denounce that there is a wage gap at all. The first reason why women are paid less than men is because women choose lower earning college majors. Women are significantly more likely to attend and graduate from college but many of them choose majors in the social sciences and the liberal arts. This results in women disproportionally getting jobs in lower paid professions like elementary school education and nursing. The disparity has been justified that women make less money than men are based on what seem to be logical reasons but According to a 2010 study done by the U.S. Census Bureau, the average of all working women earn 78% of what men makes and 64% for black women. While is is useful to look at the incomes of men and women as a whole, it still doesn’t account for things such as educational level, work experience, hours worked, and type of job. However, even when we control for these factors, the gender pay gap still exists. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released a 2014 report examining the median weekly earnings of full time wage and salary workers that took gender and job position into account. When type of job and job position are control for these factors, the gender wage gap disparity still exists in every field. Even if we take education into consideration, the pay gap still exist between men and women…show more content…
Girls are supposed to have and they 're nurtured and encouraged accordingly this is reinforced in all areas including education the media and eventually the workforce this is actually a great time to mention Stanfield which are generally perceived as being male jobs if you look on the surface The Stereotype might seem pretty accurate because women make up about half the overall Workforce but only make up 27% of science and engineering jobs however there are many social factors in place that can contribute to this such as a lot of encouragement and schools alaka representation and women 's science and the media harassment within educational programs on the workforce on also discrimination by employers the third contributing factor to the wage Gap is what 's commonly referred to as the second shift studies done by Freeman so that women spend more time doing to mastic labor than their husbands which frees up the husband 's to spend more time in the workplace according to this research modern women do about 2 to 3 times more household work such as cooking cleaning or taking care of the children than men do however in the last half-century who have been out into the
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