The Pros And Cons Of The World Trade Organization

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Economic Global Governance WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION: WHY IS IT BAD FOR YOU? Is The World Trade Organization really bad or is it because of the different perceptions of every individual regarding to the organization? Or is it really bad in its own nature? Well for me, I think the WTO is bad because of the different agreements that was set by them have many lapses in every agreements that has been done, there are also many issues that arises because there are some critics of the WTO, they argue that “subtle biases operate within the decision making structures that systematically favor developed countries over developing ones. These include a general emphasis on consensus-based decision making, which tends to disadvantage developing countries which may have no permanent representation at the WTO’s Geneva headquarters or have delegations much smaller than those of developed countries, or they may be excluded from the club-like meetings that are usually dominated by developed countries. Such subtle biases and the general lack of transparency and accountability in its decision making process have led to the WTO being described as a rich man’s club.” (Andrew Heywood 2011) for me, I agree to that because it was seen in the actions of the WTO that they have a bias treatment between the poor and rich countries wherein when it comes to trade they favored the rich countries rather than the poor one. Is the WTO a democratic

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