The Pros And Cons Of Time Travel

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Time travel is a concept that most people only believe to exist in works of pure science fiction, but it may be a reality within the next generation. It is possible that if we travel close to the speed of light, we can travel forward in time; however, today 's technology has not provided us with a way to get back home. The fastest object created by man has gone 164,700 miles per hour or 45.75 miles per second (The Fastest Man-Made Objects, 2018). That is only 0.002 percent the speed of light, which would only send you into the future 2 milliseconds if you were on the ship for a whole day. The only plausible way to go back in time, is to open up a wormhole to the point that you would like to travel back to, travel into the future, make the other end of the wormhole travel at the speed of light. From there you may walk into it and go back to the first point. Although wormholes and manned light travel is all a theory, it could be a possibility in the future. A lot of popular science fiction that portrays time travel, shows us that people can just get into a machine, and travel forward or backward in time. If only it was as easy as it seems, we would have people going wherever they wanted, or rather, whenever they wanted. You see, there are only two tested and proven ways to travel through time. In this exact moment, you are traveling through time second by second. The next and more difficult way, is to travel at a very fast speed. If someone were to travel at the speed of 6
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