The Pros And Cons Of Tobacco Advertising

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The banning of tobacco ads has been prevalent in our society for years. It has been a constant argument between big tobacco companies and governments worldwide. While some may argue that it is the first step to ridding the tobacco products and the use of tobacco, others will argue that without these companies producing the media related to tobacco ads, jobs will be lost and the economy will take a loss in revenue. The ban on tobacco ads in India has been a constant struggle between those who agree with the ban and those who do not. Those who disagree with the banishment of tobacco products in India argue several points. To begin, the largest discussion or debate for those in opposition of the ban can be better said by Shunu Sen, CEO, Quadra Advisory, “Excess anything is bad. Excess of coffee, tea…whatever, where do we draw the line?” (Morris, 2001) We cannot control every decision and choice an individual with free will makes. The advertisements in which they are looking to dissolve do not glorify smoking, but rather inform the user of the products in which they will be using, to make an educated decision, if you will. Without the advertisements pertaining to tobacco, will citizens be able to recognize a product of quality? While it is still legal to manufacture and sell of the tobacco products it should be legal to advertise them as well. In 1978, Finland introduced a ban on tobacco advertising which actually resulted in an increase in smoking amongst young adults.

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