The Pros And Cons Of Torture

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Torture can be initiated through causing some form of mental anguish or physical pain, usually in order to gain information from the person being tortured. Torture is usually punishment for a serious crime,but is usually for the purpose of extracting a confession from an accused person. Many wonder nowadays should torture still be used in this day and age. Torture has been around since the times of the Ancient Greeks and is still around today, notoriously used in criminal organizations but also utilized by various governments when dealing with terrorist. Once the torture of Jews at the hands of the Nazis in World War II became knowledge to the public. In the nineteenth century Public opinion changed on the subject of torture, but torture…show more content…
I think torture is such a serious subject that people would rather not acknowledge it .As it is such an inhumane subject the very discussion let alone act is enough to cause many to ignore the issue or even delegate it to someone below them with less power. As a result of this when it comes to the discussion of torture many not involved in government groups that conduct torture are totally opposed to the idea while those in the groups are usually split on the idea of whether or not torture should be used. As these two are on opposite sides of the spectrum they can rarely see eye to on the matter add that to the media constantly berating the use of torture and the media praising torture and you have a huge two sided debate on the subject of whether torture should be legal or…show more content…
If this were to happen then you would have to further step away from your moral code of ethics and torture them further or even resort to something drastic such as threatening members of their family as a demonstration of your power over them. In some cases people will say anything, to avoid being tortured. In some countries with oppressive governments, people will sometimes accuse innocent people of criminal activity in an attempt to save themselves. As a result of this innocent people are tortured until they admit to things they didn't do, and punished. Torture may not necessarily guarantee accurate or reliable information at the expense of a potentially innocent person. There is also the possibility of not knowing whether you have been given false information which is not worth turning your back on ethics and
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