Diversity In Teaching

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1. Introduction
In this new era learning should be a two way street. Rather than the conventional education, which only requires teachers to teach and students to learn, a mutual interaction and learning between teachers and students is favored.
2. Body
- Students know more about the new technologies and the connected society
a. Students teach teachers the new culture of the Internet, social media.
b. Students teach teachers the necessity to understand the student culture and to learn their adventure spirit that is willing to solve the problems even beyond their ability
- Students teach teachers to know their own weakness and keep improving their techniques.
- Students teach teachers to admire individual differences, develop individual
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Students are living in a life full of the Internet, social media and electronical devices. The understanding and reflection of students’ culture in teaching are indispensable. As teachers, they should learn the spirits of students to share, create and connect. It is very natural that students know more than teachers in some areas that teachers are not familiar with. The world is developing and changing rapidly every day. There is too much to learn for students and teachers. While students are able to overcome difficult tasks by their own efforts, teachers also can become more professional by learning from their students and facing bravely their own weakness. Consequently, their students will show more respect and admire teachers’ work. (Richardson,…show more content…
Students can ask questions to teachers and teachers also are able to put questions, which motivates a mutual interaction and a mutual teaching for a profound understanding. Not only students learn new knowledge from teachers, but also teachers practice their own techniques and keep improving skills. What’s more, the discussion between teachers and students is the origin of inspiration for teachers, as students provide submit their doubts and provide many vivid views. From students’ feedback and exam results, teachers get to know the defects of their teaching method and which part they should reinforce. That is to say, a collaborative teaching mode makes teachers take a closer look at what and how they
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