Traditional Social Media Analysis

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Initially, I had estimated that I spend three hours per day using my smartphone. However, after keeping a 24-hour media log, it was almost more than six. This was eye-opening; I was surprised to see how much time I was ultimately wasting. Most of the time spent was on Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube, therefore, as part of my media fast, I decided to abstain from all three.
Assuming that by withdrawing from these social network applications would make me more productive was wrong. I constantly found myself pre-occupied with the fear of missing out. As the day went by, I quickly realized that I was using different applications, such as Instagram and Buzzfeed, hoping it would satisfy my curiosity. The more I seemed to think about it, the more
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The media environment is constantly changing according to the needs of the citizens. social media has given those who are battling oppressive regimes, racism, depression, and many other forms of social or political issues a voice. This form of content sharing where one is able to question, doubt and criticize helps aid democracy. Traditional media; where the few communicate to many is no longer accepted due to the existence of new media and participatory journalism. Information and news is no longer concealed or presented through mainstream ideologies. The development of audience interaction has established a crucial responsibility on the globalization of the news, seeing as the sources available to the consumer is greater than ever…show more content…
Too much of anything, is never good, especially when it comes to consuming media. It is a double-edged sword; although it is at times, beneficial - it is also easy to get carried away and engrossed in this virtual world, leading to a loss of reality and living in the present time. Appreciating moments with family, friends and face to face interaction is much more valuable than any social media communication. Although it was difficult at first, I am glad I followed through with this experience, seeing as my media consumption went down to almost three hours, and that most of the challenges I faced during the 24 hours were not as dramatic, and significant as I thought. In the future I would like to try this again, however this time with no form of communication and for a longer period of
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