The Pros And Cons Of Transgendered Parents

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The word ’family’ has several definition according to the term – used. Traditionally, the definition can be one wife and husband with the offspring. Sociologically, it refers to a primary social group consisting of parents and their descendants. In society, we are in the heterosexual parents dominated. The traditional family; a female mother, a male father and children, is considered normal, while same sex parents are defined different and minority. The term to exemplify ‘transgender’ is generically vary. The umbrella definition could be persons who have gender identity and expression differently from their sexual assigned at birth. ‘Gender identity’ is one’s sense of being male, female or something else; ‘gender expression’ refers how persons present their identity through appearance, behavior, and body characteristic (APA, 2014)
Can transgendered parents generate
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Transgendered, the term can be either the person who has both female and male identity at birth, then choose to conform to one later, or, a person who decide to intentionally change their sexual identity through surgical technology. In the first case, the situation can be real complicated. The medical process to testify if the person is more feminine or masculine would be involved. Nevertheless, in the second term, there would be more moral issues to concern.
"I had no male figure at all to follow, and my mother and her partner were both unlike traditional fathers or traditional mothers...[B]eing strange is hard; it takes a mental toll, makes it harder to find friends, interferes with professional growth, and sometimes leads one down a sodden path to self-medication in the form of alcoholism, drugs, gambling, antisocial behavior, and irresponsible sex. The children of same-sex couples have a tough road ahead of them — I know, because I have been there." – Father Tadeusz
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