Persuasive Essay On Transgenders

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When one is born the first gift receive their biological sex. One’s biological sex is something that distinguishes them as a male or female. We are provided with it and as we take our life long journey we use it as a path that guides us. It has been prone to help and influence the decisions and actions humans take. Specifically, the places one may go and the public facilities they use. Whether one is male or female, they both learn that there are somethings that are specifically for certain sexes. The same could be said on if the government should allow transgenders to use whichever bathroom they would prefer and allow everyday people to feel discomfort or if they should look out for the vast majority of the people and take a stand on this issue. Transgenders should not be able to decide on which bathroom they would be interested in using. Many people use public restrooms and expect to have privacy while they are there. Privacy is particularly found more in the wants of women than the wants of men. These bathrooms are only to be used to do your business and get out, but the people that need to change feel discomfort enough as it is. With…show more content…
There is a flaw in it that the Dear Colleague Letter catches. The Title IX law never says “gender,” but does use “sex.” The difference between the two is that sex refers to the biological differences, chromosomes, and sex organs. To be more specific, it means male or female. Meanwhile, gender means the characteristics society notices, masculine or feminine. Certainly, it could be argued that since other groups of people (bisexual and gay's) go into the bathrooms, then transgenders should be permitted, also. While this is a good point, it fails to account for the fact that these different groups of people go to the bathroom of their biological sex. Transgenders should not be able to proceed into the bathroom that does not match their biological
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