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Transports Due to the geography of Chile, a functioning transport network is vital to its economy. With the decline of the railway network, now buses are the main means of transportation in Chile. [162] the bus system covers the entire country, from arica to San Diego (30 hours), from San Diego to Punta Arenas (about 40 hours, in Osorno change).(Olaverri C. 2017) Chile has 372 tracks (62 paved and 310 unpaved). Important airport in Chile including Chacalluta international airport (Arica), Diego Aracena international airport (Iquique), Certo Moreno international airport (Antofagasta) Carriel Sur international airport (Concepcion) El Tepual international airport (monte port), the President carlos Ibanez del Campo international airport (punta …show more content…

The business sector accounts for 3% of the industry. In Chile, tourism generates a major income and depends on the industry's share of GDP. Tourism is driven by social, religious, recreational, intellectual and commercial purposes; And increase people's interest in experiencing adventure entertainment. The number of tourists and the change of living standard are the first choice for leisure tourism. Almost half of all international visitors are casual. The rise of tourism, the growth of leisure tourism and the change of living standards have led to the development of the luxury hotel market in Chile. (Nieddu, al.2010) Therefore, the establishment of luxury hotels in Chile is a very strategic approach. The hotel's targeted market segments: leisure and business. Geographically, the market is targeted segment: Santiago, Vina del Mar, Easter Island, Arica, Osorno, Valparaiso, San Pedro de Atacama, Torres del Paine. Social trends The hotel industry in Chile is dominated by big international companies, who compete fiercely for market share and compete with smaller, independent companies. In this industry, switching costs are negligible, and price competition is no longer the key to success. Brand

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