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Travel Tips: 6 Things to Research Before Heading Out

Planning a trip requires a bit of research. Before you cross off an entry from your bucket list, it would be smart to do your homework before buying a plane ticket. Passionate travelers would know: every new destination is an adventure. As positive as that sounds, things can go wrong: a being unprepared can unwittingly lead you to dangerous situations.

To make your entire journey as smooth and hassle-free as possible, it’s a must to be informed about certain things. If something goes wrong, being informed can also help you in dealing with unfortunate situations. So what are some of the things you need to look up to before heading out?


If you’re not bringing a car with
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Though transportation is generally cheap in most countries, the opposite is true in a few others. Be sure to prepare an ample amount of money for this - especially if you will be opting to take taxis!

Routes. Buses are generally cheap, but they have different routes. Look up which buses go to and from the places you will visit in your next destination. The same can be said for trains: miss a stop, and you may automatically be lost.

Uber. This service can be extremely convenient, and are your best bet for safe and convenient travel. Just install the app, and you can hire a driver via your mobile phone.

Apart from which, check out the tipping culture of each country (especially if you’re taking taxis). Furthermore, if you’re bringing a car, remember that the steering wheel might be on the opposite side in the place you’re going to.

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Regardless of your destination, there are always a local or two who are looking to victimise gullible travelers to steal money. Some scams may be direct, like distracting you while one reaches for your bag. Others can be organised and elaborate, like an attractive man or woman inviting you on a date only to rob you of your valuables later on.

Places You Shouldn’t Go to

Even if your destination is a relatively safe area, there may be areas which are considered “no-go zones”, due to crime or are environmentally unsafe. Such places may include slums, and areas where wild animals prowl. Cultural aspects may also inhibit you from visiting certain places, especially communities which are isolated and rather close-knit.

Bugs and Other Critters

If you’re going to a tropical country, or a place with similar weather, chances are that it will be filled with mosquitoes. Diseases such as malaria and dengue may be a regular occurrence, and these are things you need to watch out for. Ask your doctor for advice, and if he recommends you to get vaccinated for some diseases, go for it. Furthermore, it would be smart to purchase and bring insect repellant lotions or sprays

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