The Pros And Cons Of Twitter

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Twitter is an app where teens and adults can share what’s going throughout their lives. People can use twitter in many ways from sharing pictures to just plain out tweeting. Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass. The app can be retrieved through any smartphone and the cost of it is free. The purpose of twitter follow people to get certain news, which everyone can use because there is no age limit to access twitter. Twitter is like Facebook but twitter has no restrictions. You can post any type of pictures and comments on both apps but there are certain thing you cannot post Facebook like more revealing pictures that you can on twitter. Twitter is worth around 30 billion dollars and has around 500 million tweets per day. The…show more content…
Twitter is known to be used to gossip a lot about things going on in life. The only way teenagers can get this information is if they chose to follow some one that is portraying their message. This could be a bad thing because they can follow some one that posts anything up because there is no restrictions to what you can post. Parents have to make sure that their kids are following reasonable content so that they don’t receive and inappropriate information. Twitter can also be used in a good way like following @Christin teens for daily bible verses and other religious information. Twitter can lead to suspensions in many ways. First way you can get suspended over twitter is tweeting threats toward your school or someone who attends that school. Another way you can get suspended is posting impropriate activates as an underage kid. A student got suspended for tweeting a sarcastic tweet about having an affair with his teacher. Personally I don’t think that parents should follow news stories because they should trust their kid. They raised their kid so they should know what he or she is capable of
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