The Pros And Cons Of Two Atomic Bombs In Japan

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Two Atomic Bombs in Japan In the end of World War II, Japanese insisted to against with America and China. However, the Allies wanted to finish the war earlier so that they can have peace. Actually, Japan did not want to lose the battle and encourage people to fight with the Allies. Finally, the Allies made a decision in order to accelerate to finish the horrible war. Then, they planned to drop atomic bombs in Japan. During the 1944-1945, America send many planes to bomb Japan. American attempt to use bombs to threat Japan. But, Japan did not stop military actions. Dennis Bollinger says, “American and British troops advanced steadily toward Japan. Allied leaders, however, dreaded the long and bloody struggle that lay ahead of them. President Truman and his military staff believed that Japanese and American casualties would reach into the hundreds of thousands if American troops actually invaded the home island of Japan.” For the victory of battle, the Allies have to defeat the Axis so that they can rescue their people from the battle. Until 1944, the World War II lasted over five years. No one want continue to involved into war. The war is cruel, people want peace not the fight. The Allies lost many thing from this war; their people cannot suffer any more. According to battle of situation, the Allies need to do something protect their people from the war. Obviously, the government have the responsibility to fight with the evil power. After German surrendered, the Allies
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