Atomic Bomb In Japan Research Paper

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Two Atomic Bombs in Japan In the end of World War II, Japanese insisted to against with America and China. However, the Allies wanted to finish the war earlier so that they can have peace. Actually, Japan did not want to lose the battle and encourage people to fight with the Allies. Finally, the Allies made a decision in order to accelerate to finish the horrible war. Then, they planned to drop atomic bombs in Japan. During the 1944-1945, America send many planes to bomb Japan. American attempt to use bombs to threat Japan. But, Japan did not stop military actions. Dennis Bollinger says, “American and British troops advanced steadily toward Japan. Allied leaders, however, dreaded the long and bloody struggle that lay ahead of them. President…show more content…
America dropped the Little Boy in Hiroshima. The atomic bomb leaded tens of thousands people dead and many buildings destroyed. Three days later, August 9, America dropped the Fat Man in Nagasaki. America used planes to carry the bomb from the North Marianas Island to Japan. For example, the target of the Little Boy was Hiroshima. Ben Snowden says, “At 2:45 in the morning of August 6, 1945, an American B-29 bomber flew north from Tinian Island in the Marianas toward Japan. Three and a hours later, over the city of Hiroshima, the Enola Gay dropped an 8,900-pound atomic weapon from its specially modified bomb bay.” America just dropped the bomb to destroy the faith of Japan. Eventually, Japan have to give up the military aggression in Asia. Otherwise, America would use the third atomic bomb to raid…show more content…
S. President Harry Truman informed the world that an atomic weapon had been detonated on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Nicknamed Little Boy, the bomb with a power of over 20,000 tons of TNT destroyed most of Hiroshima, killing an estimated 130,000 people. Three days later in August 9, a second bomb nicknamed Fat Man was dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki destroying most of Nagasaki and killing roughly between 60,000-70,000 people.
Obviously, the bombs have oppose meaning to Japan. The government of Japan spend over 25 days to clean the corpses which dead in this cruel bomb. Two atomic bombs not only damage the people, but also environment, economic, and political in Japan. War is cruel. The conflicts started from the beginning of humanity civilization. Conflicts, wars, and battles through the development of human beings. However, the people always want peaceful environment. Each country should seek their common points with each other.
Meanwhile, they can preserve different points. Along with the development of techniques, the modern war will have more chance to use the weapons of mass destruction. God does not want human fight with each other. People need to follow His
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