Essay About Going To 4 Year College

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What kind of college should a student go? Is college, even necessary to go? These are the questions I should be pondering while I think about my future. It seemed like that the time to decide or think about my career was in the far future. However, time to think about my detailed future plans have now arrived. 2 year college allows me to meet different people and experience various things and that makes you look in different perspectives. 4 year college or universities allow you to focus more on your major and you can meet people with similar problems and situations. After I read many articles about college, I think going to 4 year college or university would fit best for me. Currently, I am thinking about becoming stage manager or TV show/radio producer. These are not kind of jobs that require college degrees, but…show more content…
I guess people can look at that way, but it’s the matter of perspectives. If a person doesn't have a dream or future plans, it is a waste of money and time, because you are not learning anything in the university. However, if you have your dream and things to achieve, attending university would not be a waste of money, because you get to have a chance to study deeper on what you want to study. Also, most of people who go to two year college transfer to the university, anyways. They might save their tuition fees, but when they transfer, it is the waste of time. Furthermore, some people might say that there are things we can experience outside of class that they can’t experience on campus. If we flip that meaning around a bit, that can also mean that you can have valuable experiences on campus that you can’t experience outside of the college. It all depends on the perspectives, again. For example, you can meet many people who are in the similar situation with similar problems within the
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