The Pros And Cons Of Typing And Typing

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Handwriting and typing are going to be used throughout your life in school, at home, and many other places as well, but which is better for the comprehension and understanding of the notes he or she takes? Well, Typing is more efficient to take notes since it is faster to do and takes a smaller amount of time to write more information. However, studies have proven that most of the time handwriting gives you a better understanding of the material in which you are writing about. Typing is better for note taking because it is a more efficient way to type, students take less time to write, and they may have a better understanding typing.
Based on research conducted by many scientists, both handwriting and typing have their advantages and drawbacks but what exactly are they for taking notes? According to Cindi May from Scientific American, handwriting is the best way to go. Her evidence for this is that a recent test performed by scientists named Pam Mueller and Oppenheimer shows that handwriting is better for comprehending or learning the material. They say that handwriting requires different types of cognitive processing that require you to hear and concentrate on the information that teachers and professors give you, just like a lecture. On the other hand, handwriting is slow and cumbersome which is why many schools are not using it as much as back then since we are going into an age of new technologies. According to Anne Trubek from the MIT Technology Review says that typing
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