The Pros And Cons Of Ulysses S. Grant

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Ulysses S. Grant is the face you see when you receive a fifty dollar bill. But when you look at the face, what do you think? Do you think of greatness? Do you feel secure? United States currency is supposed to represent what we stand for as a nation. When you see his face what do you think of? The one dollar bill has the face of our first united states president George Washington. Seeing his face I think of him helping to build our country. One of the men who took a stand against Great Britain all those years ago. The five dollar bill has one of the best presidents to have ever been in office, Mr. Abraham Lincoln. He did many things that has an influence on this country today by making one simple amendment. The thirteenth amendment abolishing slavery. It was a reason he was murdered in the movie theatre but that simple decision led to greatness in today’s society. The fifty dollar bill has a man on it who to me did not make an everlasting mark. The topic that I want to discuss is the question of should Ronald Reagan take Ulysses S. Grant’s place on the fifty dollar?…show more content…
He was not perfect and had more than one white house scandal during his presidency that he turned a blind eye to. But Grant did as well during his second term. Most would say that Reagan knew nothing of politics before becoming president. He was a Hollywood actress and very famous and some may even say that was why he was elected. But in my opinion it may have got the attention of many of us but his campaign is what got him elected. His scandals may have shocked us as a country but they did not ruin
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