The Pros And Cons Of Undocumented Immigration

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For centuries, people from other countries of all ages and ethnicities have left their countries to begin a new life here in the United States. After the first new settlers arrived in America centuries ago they started a chain reaction, people have been coming to the United States for countless of reasons. During the 1820s the number of immigrants per year were over ten thousand, and from that time on it kept increasing throughout the years. As the country and the population have grown, immigrants have slowly moved down to the West Coast. “One in six Texas residents is an immigrant, while fifteen percent of residents are native-born U.S. citizens with at least one immigrant parent.” (American Immigration Council) A few reasons why immigrants…show more content…
Many of them try to cross the border, but most of them fail. But the ones that do make it over here have a very small chance of staying in the United States. “ One of the greatest fears that undocumented immigrants have is being caught by U.S. immigration authorities.” (Nolo) The fear comes from the belief that they will be deported back to their home country and that they wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to their family and their loved ones. Undocumented immigrants have some rights when they are being detained by…show more content…
Guatemala has the highest rating for Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) with the percentage being forty percent. The children who get caught are mostly boys between the ages of fifteen to seventeen years old. The majority of UAC’s are sheltered for about thirty-four days. In a study done in 2014 UAC’s peaked between ten thousand five hundred seventy-eight and ten thousand six hundred twenty for May and June. Many of these children come for a better education or to work to provide for their families back in their country. “What matters most is that undocumented youth and children of undocumented parents deserve the same opportunities for health and wellbeing as any child growing up in America.” (apa) The children that come over here have limited opportunities and potential for success. Do you ever wonder what happens to the immigrants that get caught? Well what happens ICE ends up getting a hold of them and once they get a hold of them they get detained for weeks, maybe even months while their case goes through the deportation

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