The Pros And Cons Of Unhealtit Food

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In 2012, the junk food industry paid $4.6 billion to advertise unhealthy products, and that advertising attracts most of the children and teens, according to Center for Food Policy & Obesity (2013). Meanwhile a numerous number of restaurants and supermarkets are selling junk food, and junk food is advertising by many methods such as the television, radio, and social media. Accordingly, people will start to consume junk food after the advertising especially children. Because children normally watch television, and use social media sometimes. Although junk food is an unhealthy food, it is very appealing to children due to the taste and it is inexpensive. Since kids are consuming junk food regularly, they may possibly be at a higher risk for health. Therefore, junk food should not be advertised to children for two main reasons: junk food causes obesity, and causes chronic…show more content…
Kids are becoming overweight recently due to ingesting calorific foods, and these foods do not give the essential nourishment for the kids. According to a research paper issued in “Pediatrics” in 2004, while kids are ingesting a greater amount of calories, extra sugars, and fat from junk food, they will eat a smaller amount of fruits, vegetables, and fiber. Furthermore, food with too much calories and fat will cause addiction, since kids who rarely eat junk food began to eat it, they could not avoid consuming it. As a result, kids who regularly eat junk food are in great danger of obesity, according to a report published by the magazine “Nature Neuroscience” (2010). Additionally, obesity disturbs the child’s self-esteem negatively, and not only his health, since it is very essential to raising children. As consuming junk food frequently causes unhealthy weight gain, zit will influence the child’s physical growth, which lead to low self-confidence problems such as depression. Thus, junk food advertising is same as marketing

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