The Pros And Cons Of Uninsured Immigrants

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Throughout the course of time immigrants have faced many disparities that have affected their availability to their health. The population of immigrants is rapidly increasing( 12 percent of the U.S. population now) makes it difficult to offer people with health care. In addition, this also relates to state and federal restrictions denying immigrants of care. Furthermore, immigrants have lower rates of health care than the rest of the population. Legal status affects immigrants health because of limited English skill, social status, and socioeconomic background Limited English skill is plays a major role that always gets overlooked when it comes to reasons immigrants struggle in receiving access to care. Furthermore, this issue only affects immigrants that don’t have English as their first or second language. In addition, people who…show more content…
Also, here are subgroups of people with limited English skill, although they are different.…show more content…
Immigrants in comparison to other native-born Americans have lower rates of health care. Percentages of uninsured immigrants depend on factors such as place of origin. The higher risk of not having insurance depends on the individual's socioeconomic factors after being in the country. Despite immigrant parents not being insured themselves their children aren't insured either. Children born in this country with non-citizenship or naturalized parents have lower rates of health insurance both in public and private facilities than children born here with both parents. Furthermore, these children without insurance don’t keep up well with other areas of health. For example, having few visits to the doctor or not having a physician or dental appointment in over a year or more, even after having health
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