Essay On Universal Healthcare

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Universal healthcare has been a hot topic in our country for several years now. There are pros and cons to having universal healthcare. For this discussion board post, I will share why I believe that our country should not have universal healthcare. I will give a definition of universal healthcare, followed by why I believe that America should not have universal healthcare with supporting facts.
First, it is important to understand what universal healthcare is. It can be defined in three parts: 1. All have access to healthcare, regardless of the ability to pay. 2. The quality of care received, should improve their health. 3. The cost of obtaining health care should not cause financial harm to the person obtaining care ("universal coverage,"
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Now I will discuss some basic things. All men are created equal, as it states in the Declaration of Independence, but it does not say that all have a right to healthcare ("Declaration of Independence," 2018). I believe that this answers the question that there is not a moral obligation for all to receive healthcare benefit. For those that need healthcare, there are clinics, community resources and government healthcare available for the needy. This is where the government already is helping. They have Medicaid and CHIP, for those that have a need and are unable to obtain health insurance on their own. For other people that want healthcare coverage, they should pursue getting it, but it should not be a “right” to have it.
In conclusion, healthcare is not a right, but a choice. Universal healthcare would ultimately put our country in a worse financial position, than it already is in. The deficit and debt would be tremendous. Giving the government all control of healthcare would push the United States towards socialism. I agree that all men are created equal, however insurance is a commodity to buy not a right to have. For the very needy, our great government already has federally funded plans to
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