The Pros And Cons Of University Education

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There has been an argument regarding the issue of whether a university education should be provided free of charge to all interested scholars. Some people maintain that it should be blamed. From my prospective, however, every student who wants to be educated in the advanced level deserves to get the free charged university education. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.
To begin with, the free charged university education provides the opportunity for the poor. There are so many students who have eager to learn but cannot afford to pay tuition. In fact, without education is offered to the talented students among them, the society wastes them and takes the chance to live better life from them. While in the past people went through the difficulty which changes their inborn social class due to the decided level of education, they can now be rich or gain fame by educated talent. My uncle is a good example of this. Even though he grew up from poor family, he went university free thanks to honor scholarship sponsored by the government and he became successful congressman. Now he has enough money and fame regardless of his poor background thanks to free education. Thus, this example demonstrates how the free charged university education helps the poor to be successful.
Furthermore, the free tuition helps young adults who just graduate university and start their career. These days, many students are worried to owe a lot of loan. They cannot
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