The Pros And Cons Of Valley Forge

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Is there something that you’re constantly told is worth fighting for? That you’re told is for a good cause so you feel as if you need to be a part of it? Well, that’s what many people have been told before. People such as troops fighting for independence from England. They were told to fight for their independence, which they did want, but they leave out all the many disadvantages that come with fighting. Why should people fight for their independence when there is an extremely high rate of dying which means there’s a good chance they won’t even be alive to experience their freedom? If they won that is. So, now we’re back in time at Valley Forge where conditions are far from good. General Washington had the troops there and many of the men were not looking good. That is why I would leave Valley Forge. There were too many disadvantages such as: many soldiers got sick and died, it made people depressed and angry, and there were extremely bad conditions and illnesses. One of the reasons why I would have left is the bad conditions and the illnesses. The huts they lived in at Valley Forge were small with no ventilation and many men had to sleep in one, which didn’t leave a lot of room. The lack of ventilation caused the skin and eyes to …show more content…

Almost half the men at Valley Forge were sick, and after a while even more men would get sick. Constantly being surrounded by sick men and living in bad condition, is not a good combination. It would make it extremely easy for someone to get sick, and with no help or means of cure, could lead to death. About 20% of the men at Valley Forge died while enlisted, and while the other had survived, they didn’t live easily. They still had to deal with sickness, bad conditions, and fighting in the war. If I’m that at risk of getting sick, or even dying, then what’s the point of staying in the war? I might not had even lived long enough to see the result of

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