The Pros And Cons Of Vegetarianism

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In recent years, discussions and debates related to animal ethics have become heated. It is not difficult access news reports nowadays concerning how animals are treated inhumanely in food manufacturing industries. In 2014 for instance, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal shot a video and disclosed to the public how gees were overfed in farms in order to produce Foie gras. The sufferings and pains of animals in meat production have caused vegetarianism supporters to raise their voice, demanding a higher portion of human beings to become vegetarians. They claim that consuming meat products is morally unacceptable because “the action of killing animals cruelly” is morally wrong; it brings misery to them. Therefore, we should become vegetarians and widely promote vegetarianism. On the other hand, meat do-sayers defend that consuming meat is necessary for humans to maintain a good body shape; one’s self decision on not eating meat will not influence large firms to supply fewer meats because the bargaining power is not large enough so the total pain suffered by animals in farms will not decrease etc. The debate never stops. This essay will hence provide a platform to critically discuss the moral concepts and controversies involved in meat production and consumption and determine whether consuming meat is morally acceptable. Personally, I agree that we should become vegetarians in some circumstances. My points will be elaborated and evaluated in terms of

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