Pros And Cons Of Being Vegetarian

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For the past few years, the word vegetarian has become more and more familiar. What is vegetarian you might ask? Well, it is when a group of people have excludes meat from their diet, a big part of the population has decided on eliminating meat from their diet. For many it’s part of their religious beliefs, others are concerned of the many chemicals that are given to the life stock. Some want a healthy lifestyle and decided to cut meat, or are wary of the environment and many others are concerned the way animals are treated or the inhumane way of killing that have people not wanting to eat meat and become vegetarian. Most vegetarians, should be known as conscience protesters, because they are being pro-active and following their beliefs no matter what others think Whatever the reason vegetarians have for not eating…show more content…
Many herbivores argue that the way animals are treated is terrible. Chickens for example, are placed in over populated farms, farms that are dirty with chicken poop. Often chicken that are raised in these farms become sick and rather than being removed many die and again are not taken care of properly, which means the healthy chickens are left roaming around the dead ones, causing a higher risk of also becoming sick. Cows are not the exception milking cows for example are placed in stables for milking for long periods, affecting the cow’s mammary glands with bacteria, causing painful inflammation. Normally the life span of a cow can be up to 20 years, but because of the stress, the living conditions and the long list of disease and bacteria a cow’s life span has decreased tremendously and can only live 4 to 5 years max. And for those cows that are raised for veal, young calf’s are separated from their mother as young as on day old and are put in small cells and feed a milk substitution, which makes them gain up to two pounds per
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