The Importance Of Video Communication

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Video has been an important media for communications and entertainment for many decades. Initially video was captured and transmitted in analog form. The advent of digital integrated circuits and computers led to the digitization of video, and digital video enabled a revolution in the compression and communication of video. The growth and popularity of the Internet in the mid-1990’s motivated video communication over best-effort packet networks. Video over best-effort packet networks is complicated by a number of factors including unknown and time-varying bandwidth, delay, and losses, as well as many additional issues such as how to fairly share the network resources amongst many flows and how to efficiently perform one-to-many communication for popular content [26].…show more content…
For example, video communication application may be for point-to-point communication or for multicast or broadcast communication, and video may be pre-encoded (stored) or may be encoded in real-time (e.g. interactive videophone or video conferencing) [29]. The video channels for communication may also be static or dynamic, packet-switched or circuit switched, may support a constant or variable bit rate transmission, and may support some form of Quality of Service (QoS) or may only provide best effort

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