The Pros And Cons Of Video Games

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You consider video games to be bad- but are they actually? With each day, children are playing more video games. There are many video games and game consoles available in the market and the children are eager to buy that. Not only children even teenage boys and girls and also young adults indulge in the pleasurable moments of video games. Parents come with complains that there children is getting to video games or their children are having health issues or mental issues because of video games. More than 51% parents say that video games are bad for their children. Most common complains are: • The children have become an addict of playing video games and will not stop playing. The children waste hours after hours while they can actually do productive activity like study or play outside. • The children have become violent and aggressive and are fighting with each other for no reason because that is what they learned from the video games. • Parents say that video games eats their children’s brains, they could have been more energetic and do more creative activities like sports or music but there brain has been damaged by the video games. With these complains, most parents are against video games and they hate it when their children is playing. What parents do not know is video games can actually be good for their children. If they knew about these, they would certainly allow them to play without any objection. Here are some reasons why video games should be allowed. For
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