The Pros And Cons Of Violence In Football

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Good morning, today i will be talking about ending with the violence in football, specifically through the control at the beginning of the matches. So, first we establish the problem. Fan violence has been a problem since ancient times. One of the first that we know about was 1485 years ago during chariot-racing, this incident led to 30,000 deaths. It is a worldwide spread problem that is still affecting our civilization. According to the Ngo Salvemos al Futbol, In Córdoba, It has led to 321 deaths since 1922.One of the last ones was five months ago in cordoba. The victim was a 22-year-old man identified as Emanuel Balbo, who was beaten and thrown off the stands by Belgrano fans. Depending on the case there are two major causative agents: drugs and hooligans. My group mates are going to discuss the solutions through education, positive reinforcement, inner stadium control and law, and I will be…show more content…
They are known to be the major contributing factor of random violence. The article “An analysis of consultations with the crowd at Glasgow Celtic football club” was made on alcohol-related violence. It found out that from 127 incidents 26 of them was due to Alcohol excess. In Argentina the sale of alcohol or other substances is forbidden on the inside of the stadium. This was a great solution but it also brought a lot of other problems. Such as, masses of people arriving more intoxicated. In order to solve this we should use a drug control at the entrance. With these we reduce the amount of ordinary people that reacts violently under certain circumstances. Furthermore let’s analyze another worthy reason: These well-organized violent groups, more commonly known as Barras bravas, are sometimes support by politicians. In this case we are not talking about people that act violently once, but many times. To lower this type of violence we should ban their entrance into the
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