Fan Violence Persuasive Speech

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Good morning, today i will be talking about ending with the violence in football, specifically through the control at the beginning of the matches. So, first we establish the problem. Fan violence has been a problem since ancient times. One of the first that we know about was 1485 years ago during chariot-racing, this incident led to 30,000 deaths. It is a worldwide spread problem that is still affecting our civilization. According to the Ngo Salvemos al Futbol, In Córdoba, It has led to 321 deaths since 1922.One of the last ones was five months ago in cordoba. The victim was a 22-year-old man identified as Emanuel Balbo, who was beaten and thrown off the stands by Belgrano fans. Depending on the case there are two major causative agents: drugs and hooligans. My group mates are going to discuss the solutions through education, positive reinforcement, inner stadium control and law, and I will be talking on using biometrics at the entrance. First let’s talk about the…show more content…
The organization had claimed that in the three years that it was implemented the stadium has been entirely free of hooliganism. In a local perspective, it is a solution that can be applied here in Cordoba. Although the initial costs might be high, it is a long-term solution that would be settled with the time. As a whole it will have more benefits than expenses. To conclude I would like to say that it is a very complete solution as it provides many benefits in the different aspects that I mention before. Nevertheless there are many other courses of action. This is a solution that will solve part of the problem but it cannot be implemented alone. Other such as education and legal are also needed. Violence in sports is a huge problem that affects many countries; we need to end with the idea that violence is part of football. It is not and it must be eradicated before it becomes
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