The Pros And Cons Of Voter Registration

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In 2012, the year of the latest presidential election in the United States, the population of citizens capable and legally allowed to vote was 235,248,000; however, only 129,235,000 voted, making the voter turnout of 2012 54.9%. This statistic, being only slightly over fifty percent, makes the opinion of the other half completely irrelevant. The outcomes of the presidential election do not accurately portray the opinion of the nation due to the low voter turnout. Due to the lack of time, the complication of registration, and the opinion of voters that their individual vote does not matter, the voter turnout of the United States has been negatively impacted; however, these issues can be resolved through effective means of changing the mindset…show more content…
In everything from apps on phones to car electronics, Americans insist on everything to be as simple as possible. So, when things are not up to those standards, people complain. The Voter Registration process, a major limit to people not being able to vote, can be viewed as complicated. This complication can be eliminated through an increase in online voting and voter registration. By casting an online ballot and registering electronically, the complicated process of voting in booths and the anger causing length of lines is eliminated. This new process could lead to increased internet traffic which impacts the speed and efficacy; however, the internet errors and delays will and can be detected and mended faster than a voting poll machine breaking. One simple website with the input of a social security number and proof of identification would allow citizens to partake in voting without feeling like it is overcomplicated. The security of this website would be very high guaranteeing to the citizens that their information would be kept…show more content…
Even though the citizens do not vote up to global standards, they participate in other means such as voicing their opinions. These low voter turnout stats may be altered using a compulsory vote law, national online voting to eliminate complications and hassle, and increasing the education about the government process of elections of citizens to prove that everyone’s vote does matter. The suggested solution that would have the strongest impact is the compulsory vote law which requires citizens eligible to vote to participate in the voting and election process. Through these suggested solutions, the causes of not voting, lack of time, the complication of registration, and the opinion of voters that their individual vote does not matter, will be eliminated and the voter turnout will raise to acceptable standards and enable the candidates to have full citizen

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