The Pros And Cons Of War Hawks

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The War of 1812 and the urge that the War Hawks had to declare war on Britain caused social, political, and geographical changes between the years 1812 to 1815. The War Hawks were a group of pro-war Jeffersonian Republicans. Since the War Hawks were pro-war, they strongly advised Congress to declare war on Britain in 1812. It has been proven that when the time came to vote, most states voted in support of war. Most people voted in support of the war because of the War Hawks. There were activists who were out to spread propaganda that went against the beliefs of the War Hawks. This came as a disadvantage to them. In one newspaper, an article listed reasons as to why the United States was not prepared for war. Foreign policy was also a reason that people were worried about declaring war on Britain. People also complained about countries such as Canada and France. Should ally with France and Canada, or should we be worried about the possibility of an invasion?…show more content…
The War Hawks wanted to take the Atlantic and use the American Navy to help them out when they declared war on Britain. The United States attempted to invade Canada. The invasion ended in defeat. It was made very clear throughout these documents that there were many people who were against the War Hawks. The War Hawks did a very good job with trying to persuade American authority to declare war on Britain. The War Hawks were successful due to their use of propaganda and
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