Water Contamination Research Paper

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Water contamination is one the world wide problems, which is directly affecting living organisms. There are several variety causes water pollutants like synthetic dyes used for textile dyeing, paper, plastics, leather, food, cosmetic industry, and other printing industries that causes severe ecological problems, because of their unacceptable color, biological degradation, toxicity, and carcinogenic properties, they are of great concern.[1]. In order to solve this problem, many of researchers have developed some methods to degrading harmful dye from contaminated water like adsorption, flocculation, electrolyte decomposition, ion exchange method, biological methods, etc. These conventional methods are not suitable at large scale due to high…show more content…
However, there are still some difficulties hampering its wide application because it has a large band gap (3.2 eV) and absorbs only UV light (λ < 388 nm), which is about 5 % of the solar spectrum and the high charge recombination rate of charge carriers (electron–hole pairs) leads to its low photocatalyst efficiency [9]. In this sense, several materials have been used as support to reduce the band gap of TiO2 to absorbs sunlight such as doping with anions (N, S, F, C, P) [10-12] and cations (V, Cr, Co, Fe) [13-15], creating composites of TiO2 with other semiconductor having a relatively low band gap energy (CdS, ZnO particles) [16, 17], sensitization of TiO2 surface with dyes (thionine) [18]. There are several benefits of using CNTs in a fiber photocatalytic such as TiO2/CNT system because of its unique optical, magnetic, electrical, mechanical, thermal, gas adsorption properties, in addition exhibit large specific surface area to be a good catalyst support and also can be chemically modified to anchor TiO2 nanoparticles [19, 20]. Possession of high electrical conductivity along with a high electron storage capacity, CNT can acts as largely effective electron sink

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