The Pros And Cons Of Watergate Scandal

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Scandals, which inevitably have negative impacts on people, sometimes work to the benefits of many others instead. Despite of their potential destruction, I agree partly with the claim that scandals are useful at times for they focus our attention on some problems, but we shall not ignore the consequences they may result at the same time.
In modern society, the popularization of mass media such as newspapers and Internet makes spreading various aspects of information much easier than ever before. Although the television and mainstream broadcast dominate the major field, still, the tabloids which include some anecdotes begin to catch more attention. In political area, citizens in democratic societies have rights to know more about their leaders, especially their true intentions behind elegant surface or some other sneaky behaviours. When the scandals of political figures leaked out, the public will react intensively, thereby directing people’s attention to what have long been ignored. Two journalists exposed the undeniable fact of Watergate Scandal, which astonished the whole nation and forced president Nixon to resign as a result. In 1974,the Congress passed several bills to restrict the power of executive
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Figures in all fields, including political, academic, sports and entertainment would behave more carefully once they realizing the damaging power of scandals. For example, Tiger Woods, who was exposed sex scandals with several women, ended his marriage and besmirched his reputation as a result. Several professors are reported to have made academic cheating, and they are exported from the academic circle. The scandals can be anywhere, so, if you want to hold a sound image in public, you had better not play the fire in hope that nobody would discover it. In this way, scandals regulate people’s actions, adding pressure on them to behave appropriately. Otherwise, even a small mistake may ruin their
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