Effects Of Wearable Technology On Google Glass

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In recent years, development in technology has changed the attitude of living of human beings. People are experiencing those things, which they only dreamed about decades ago and was considered as impossible in real life. Wearable technology is that technology which has changed the lifestyle of human beings. Wearable technology has been around for many years, but the trend of wearable technology begins when the prototype of Google Glass was first developed. The prototype of Google Glass has changed the view point of individuals. It helped users to start thinking beyond reality. Before the prototype, users were unaware about wearable technology. Nowadays there are various exciting products that are available in the markets and in the future…show more content…
Most likely, they are admitted to a nursing home or hospital, but this is not the permanent solution for them and also an expensive way. In that case, wearable technology is playing an important role to solve this particular problem. It continuously monitors the physical activities of elder people which minimizes the risk of illness and injuries. With the help of wearable devices, they can observe their own health activities and measure, blood pressure, heart rate, calories burned etc. (Chan et al. 2012) On the other hand, wearable technology has been used in various field, which includes education, finance, gaming, music and entertainment. But healthcare is the most potential and prominent sector for wearable technology. With the help of wearable technology, the healthcare industry provides beneficial products to healthcare users. It is also the key market for the early success of wearable…show more content…
So that organization is aware from the customers’ expectations. (Eaton 2016.) Even though wearable technology has a great amount of potential, but still there are several issues in it. Security, communication capacity, power consumption, privacy are some challenges which is faced by wearable technology. These devices have a small processor therefore it has less security measures com-pared to other computing devices. Therefore, Apple is much motivated as never before to embark on artificial intelligence technology to help address and mitigate these

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