The Pros And Cons Of Welfare

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When times get rough it meant work harder, but now thats in the past. Today when life gets tough it means go Welfare. Welfare is a widely abused program, for example, nationwide there are millions of Americans that receive welfare from the government. (“Welfare Drug Testing”). It is very important that our taxes aren’t going to people who repeatedly and purposefully choose to abuse the welfare program. This becomes indeed critical that those who choose to receive welfare must pass certain standards. These standard being as simple as a standard drug test. Some people wonder still, what is welfare? Welfare, by definition, is financial support given to people in need. The financial support is brought to these people through the taxpayers money.…show more content…
It is not intended for people to abuse it and spend it on illegal activities that can worsen their health and ruin the lives of other around them. People who give their money to welfare want to see the money be put to proper use. This task is nearly impossible while they’re drugs involved. Getting people out of bad habits/harmful activities should be a large goal for welfare. The idea of drug testing welfare recipients came from the idea of not wasting taxpayers money (Cunha). This goes to show the reason people so strongly want testing is to clarify the well being of the citizens their money is going to so that the money they spend is not wasted. In order to get a job you will most likely have to be drug tested, welfare is set up so you will eventually be able to get a job (“Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients: Pro”). This is to show that the taxpayers want to donate enough money to help recipients get back on their feet. Most jobs even require you to pass a drug test in order to work there. It is important for our community to remain healthy and sound in times of poverty. Some would argue against drug test, saying it is unfair. This is fair in order to keep our streets safe and our economy
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