The Pros And Cons Of Western Medicine

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Western medicine is increasing the lives of many in different ways using advances in the medical field. Western medicine is the process of looking at the body like a machine it finds a problem and fixes that problem. Today Western medicine is superior and eastern medicine is considered taboo. Eastern medicine looks at the body as a garden and instead of giving you medication they try to start at the root of the problem by talking about what's going on in your life.

Medicine started in 3300 BC, During the stone age, they would use herbal medicine. Medicine has slowly evolved over the years each year coming up with new advancements. For many years eastern medicine strived, many cultures believed in many different things but all these beliefs
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Without the industrial revolution, it wouldn't have caused an outbreak of disease through a major group of people working in close corters. Close working conditions caused an easy way to spread disease. This resulted in someone creating a medication to cure these problems.

These advancements have created a question on which medicine is better. Western medicine came about because it has solved major issues starting during the war. Eastern medicine slowly started to be less looked at. As time has gone on Western medicine has become so good that there is no need for another system.

Western medicine has saved many lives and made daily life better. Without western medicine, we would still be using the old techniques that ease the mind but not a broken leg. Advances in technologies have shown us what we need to eat and what things to eat to live longer. They showed us how we can decrease the chance of getting a disease. Also, medication has taken a new turn and has solved many problems that used to kill people and even animals. They have solved diseases like: tetanus, rabies, polio and even Rinderpest which was a cattle equivalent measles

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