Short Essay On Wetlands

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What are Wetlands?
The areas of land where water covering the soil are the wetlands. These areas include mudflats, bogs, fens, and peatlands, swamps, marshes, mangroves, coral reefs, lakes, lagoons saltmarshes. There may be natural or artificial wetlands and the water that is present in the wetlands may be stagnant or flowing. It could also be fresh, brackish or saline.
Wetland management:
Wetland management normally include those activities that can be accompanied within or around wetlands. These activities could be both natural and man-made which are conducted to protect, restore, or provide for their functions and values. Wetlands are present from the tundra to the tropics and on every continent except Antarctica.
Pakistan is blessed with about 225 important man-made and natural wetlands which are spread over nearly 10% of the country.
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It is the largest freshwater lake in Pakistan, which provides an internationally important area for breeding, staging and wintering water birds support as many as 140,000 birds, including European Wigeon, Black Coot and Common Pochard.
Drigh Lake Wildlife Sanctuary: A small, slightly brackish lake with extensive reed marshes and rich aquatic vegetation situated in the Indus floodsplain. High lying land is drier and partially covered with saccharunm species. The sanctuary is an important breeding and wintering area for a wide variety of water birds, regularly supporting over 20,000 birds, mostly Anatidae (ducks, geese, swans, etc.), but including 5,000 roosting Black-crowned Night Heron left). Nara Desert:
A large number of wildlife migrates towards this desert in Sind province. A few surveys showed that The Nara Canal Area is of great importance for wintering waterfowl and other wildlife. A large population of the endangered Mugger Crocodile is found here in Pakistan. Other animals include Jackal, Fox, Pangolin, Honey Badger and Wolf.
Sukkur and Guddu Barrage Dolphin

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